College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts is devoted to instilling a love of learning, questioning and critiquing all forms of knowledge in their content, structure and application.


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Make a Difference

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

Do you love to dig into problems?

Do you want to be able to shape your own learning?

We want to give students at Woodbury University every possible advantage as they transform their energy and ambition into learning and professions capable of meeting the challenges of the contemporary world. The intellectual, social and collaborative skills they learn in the liberal arts courses are significant to their future success as citizens, professionals and members of their community.


Change Your Life

Our students dream about changing their lives, their families’ lives and their communities’ lives. Woodbury’s Liberal Arts Majors:

  • Aspire to do something that will make a difference in the world.
  • Dream about a better future for their families and communities.
  • Aim to pass on to and share with others what they have been given.
  • Strive to use the foundation of a liberal arts education to change their world.

Inspiring Activities

Working with our faculty, our students start to change their lives through inspiring activities.

  • Spend a week among the hanging waterfalls, granite domes, towering cliffs and crystal-clear running streams of Yosemite National Park;
  • Award $1,000 mini-grants to the service, agency or project of their choice to support efforts in reducing food insecurity and hunger in the greater Los Angeles area; and
  • Volunteer in projects ranging from street furniture installation to healthy foods cooking contests to working with youth to build structures with recycled materials.




Experiential Learning

The College of Liberal Arts’ Degree programs expose students to the rapidly changing body of knowledge, theories, ideas and principles that have shaped society, technology, culture and the environment. Our emphasis is on active, experiential learning techniques designed to enhance the student’s capacity for independent and rigorous thinking as well as creative and contextual analysis leading to action.

The college houses five undergraduate majors,  three minors and two science and mathematics programs that educate all undergraduate students who attend the university.

  • The five majors—Interdisciplinary Studies, History, Political Science, Professional Writing, and Public Safety Administration are all structured as challenging interdisciplinary degrees grounded thoroughly in the liberal arts.
  • The three minor programs—art history, philosophy and urban studies—add curricular diversity to our degrees and support general education learning.
  • The two general STEM programs—mathematics and sciences—provide for liberal arts learning across the university for all undergraduates.


Learn how to make a difference in the College of Liberal Arts.


Faculty Directory

Our faculty are accomplished caring academics and professionals dedicated to supporting the success of students throughout their academic journey. They bring their professional expertise to students and work closely with them to teach the skills and theory required to enter professional practice or pursue advanced study. Through this individual attention, we foster close mentoring relationships between faculty and students in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Faculty Directory

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WSCUC: Senior College and University Commission (formerly WASC)