Student Spotlight: INDS Major Faith Auon Launches Radio Program

When Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS) major, Faith Auon, was approached to start a radio show on WU Radio, Woodbury’s internet station, she loved the idea. Not wanting to do the show alone, she called upon two friends and now co-hosts, Ava Kramer and Niamh Heatherington, to launch the program, Undressed! The show takes a deep dive into popular culture to reveal the underlying theories and problems, whether they are political, philosophical, or societal. Faith, Ava, and Niamh begin by writing up a loose set of questions and then they dive into research. The best episodes, Faith says, “Happen when the conversation goes in a different direction than originally expected, like when we started out talking about evolving technologies and ended up debating if we would get Elon Musk’s brain chip.” Faith hopes episodes like these stimulate conversation and encourage their listeners to “form their own opinions and philosophies on subjects we talk about.”

The INDS program contributes to this way of thinking. Faith likes having the freedom to construct her degree and feel in control of her education. She cites the INDS faculty as important mentors. “They are some of the most interesting and eclectic people I’ve met. It’s great to be surrounded by academics and leaders who think in a very intersectional way, and that actively cross disciplines.” Undressed! allows Faith to tap into her interdisciplinary, creative side. “It’s been good for keeping me busy and feeling productive in a time where it feels all productivity has been shut down. The show has helped me grow and learn as a producer, editor, and on-air personality.”

Undressed! airs every Tuesday at 3 pm, PST on WU Radio.

Last Updated on March 26, 2021. 

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