WSOA Alumni Assist artist Anya Gallaccio in London

Woodbury Alumni Abel Zatarian, Richard Torres and Luis Madrigal recently went to London to assist Artist Anya Gallacio with the installation of her art piece Beautiful Minds: A giant 3D clay printer occupying an entire gallery space. Over the course of the exhibition it actively printed a scaled effigy of Devil’s Tower, Wyoming. The machine, built by the artist in collaboration with students, usurps recent advances in mechanical technology, subverting the very precise process of 3D printing by forcing the approximate and unreliable material of a slip clay thorough it. The exhibition ran from February 3rd to March 25th 2017.

Abel Zatarian and Luis Madrigal graduated from the BArch program in San Diego 2015 and Richard Torres in 2016. You can find out more about Anya Gallacio’s work online.

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