Woodbury University's Commitment to Social Justice and Equality

Dear Campus Community:

As an institution of higher education committed to building a culture that values diversity, open communication, collaboration and engagement, it is Woodbury University’s responsibility to continue to increase awareness of racism and inequality to the highest degree possible.

The murder of George Floyd and the anger that rightly ensued have prompted the University to revisit current activities and implement new initiatives that will ensure lasting equality, respect, opportunity and justice for all.

To this end, the Academics team has been working tirelessly to develop new initiatives aimed to eradicate social injustice and promote a kinder, more peaceful and compassionate world.

Next week, we will post action plans from each School/College and other helpful resources to the Woodbury University website.  In the meantime, we must continue to engage in meaningful dialogue toward lasting, real change.

I look forward to leading the transformation in Woodbury’s culture that truly values diversity, equity and inclusiveness for all.




David Steele-Figueredo, Ph.D.


Woodbury University


Published 6/12/2020

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