Woodbury University Students Participate in the Career Development Encounter 2022

On April 20, Woodbury University students were presented an opportunity to receive career development support and advice from a panel of School of Business Advisory Board members. Dr. Mary Akpovi, CPA, Mr. Noam Lotan, investor and financial advisor, Ms. Jane Skeeter, serial entrepreneur, and Mr. Sunder Ramani, President of Westwind Properties (above, from left to right), provided critical career development tools to participating students through resume review, interview techniques, and presentation skills toward ensuring optimal professional performance.

The undergraduate and graduate students that participated in this event were praised for their courage to prepare toward future success. In return, students gratefully accepted the constructive pointers shared and expressed their gratitude for the time taken out to assist them in succeeding in their careers.

All participating students were rewarded through either a gift basket as praise for their outstanding preparation and strong presentations or an offer for further mentoring from the panel members.

The Career Development Encounter is an annual Spring semester initiative sponsored by the School of Business Deans Office and Advisory Board as part of a cluster of efforts to effectively assist in students’ career preparation. Aside from this initiative, the School of Business Advisory Board also sponsors a rotating executive in residence program in fall and spring semesters, the Creative Minds Conference (a fall event in collaboration with CEO), and a series of other initiatives as contributions to students’ professional success.


Last Updated on April 26, 2022.

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