Woodbury President Dr. Barry Ryan Featured on Higher Ed Without Borders Podcast

“Small College America” is a special four-part podcast series from Higher Ed Without Borders that features four university Presidents across the United States discussing their institutions — and what makes them unique and important to their communities. 

Episode 16, which aired on January 10, 2023, features Woodbury’s own Dr. Barry Ryan discussing what attracted him to a career in higher education, what mentors he had along the way, and what lessons they taught him about being a university leader. In addition, the interview covers the unique challenges and advantages facing small colleges and universities, how they can introduce new educational offerings, and the role they can play in helping students continue their education — especially when their prior school closes its doors. Finally, the insightful conversation touches on the role of Boards of Trustees and what Dr. Ryan envisions for the future of smaller higher education institutions.

View Dr. Ryan’s interview video or listen to the podcast to gain insights on all of these topics and more!

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