Woodbury Management Faculty Team Presents at Academy of Management’s Annual Meeting 2022

From left to right, Dr. Joan Marques, Dr. Satinder Dhiman, Dr. Svetlana Holt, Dr. Adam Wood

At the 82nd annual meeting from the world’s largest Management organization, the Academy of Management, Woodbury University had a strong representation with four management scholars. The theme for this year was, “Creating a Better World Together”. As has been the case with most professional meetings, this major annual event had to be conducted in a virtual fashion in 2020 and 2021 due to the Covid-19 global pandemic but was offered in a hybrid format this year with about 7500 members visiting in person in Seattle, WA., and about 2500 attending the conference virtually.  

The Academy of Management is the preeminent professional association for management and organization scholars. AOM members are professors and Ph.D. students in business schools at universities, academics in related social science and other fields, and practitioners who value knowledge creation and application.  

The Woodbury team of management scholars consisted of Dr. Joan Marques, Dr. Satinder Dhiman, Dr. Svetlana Holt, and Dr. Adam Wood. All members collaborated in their peer-reviewed submissions with scholars from other institutions, true to the spirit of nurturing constructive professional connections and reciprocally enlarging horizons. 

Dr. Satinder Dhiman participated in the following peer-reviewed sessions: 

  • Quallobration from Oneness – Seeing Unity in Diversity”, a symposium, presented by Maheshwari, A.K., Pavlovich, K., Dhiman, S., Biberman, G., and Nigri, G.  

Defining quallobration as operating together from a qualitatively deeper shared understanding and oneness among all the stakeholders, the presenters in this symposium deliberated on new concepts, holistic and functional, that are emerging to model the future of collaboration in organizations. Their aim was to offer a useful, grounded, and generative perspective that could offer a new ontology and epistemology for the new interconnected world.  

  • Managing by the Bhagavad Gita to Create a Better World, Together”, a Professional Development Workshop, facilitated by Dhiman, S., Amar, A., Chatterjee, D., Natarajan, V., Chow, C., and Kaur, G.  

This PDW engaged attendees to explore the pathways to creating a better world through selfless service, self-mastery, even-mindedness, excellence in daily working, and a vision of inclusivity and equality.  

Dr. Joan Marques participated in the following peer-reviewed sessions: 

  • What I Like About You: Appreciative Observation Toward Positive Reinforcement”, a Professional Development Workshop, facilitated by Marques, J., Storberg-Walker, J., Malik, E., Grant, G, Walker, C. Yu, T., Chappell, S., Brownlee, S., Jeong, S., and Indrajaya, A.  

Observing and positively interacting were the foundational leadership traits in this session. Each presenter thoughtfully selected a poem that harbored a thoughtful message, after which the opportunity was provided to practice mindful and constructive dialogue to enhance mutual appreciation. 

  • Catalyzing Transformative Change: Co-creating a Better World Together”, a panel symposium presented by Waddock, S., Marques, J., Hoffman, A. Laszlo, C., and Banerjee, B.  

This panel of thought leaders argued that multiple levels of change are needed: individuals as self and scholar, in management education, teaching, research, and theory, and that it can be enhanced by the work of emerging new entities called transformation catalysts.  

Dr. Holt and Dr. Wood participated in the following session: 

  • From Mindless Empathy to Conscious Compassion”, a Professional Development Workshop, facilitated by Holt, S., Wood, A., Brownlee, S., and Indrajaya, A. 

This lively workshop explored the different forms and aspects of empathy, our own underlying conscious and unconscious biases influencing our capacity for and direction of empathy, and discussed ways to apply it mindfully, at the right time and place, consciously attempting to minimize the potential unintended harm these biases may cause to all stakeholders. 

Through their representation at this prominent global event, the four Management scholars served as proud ambassadors of Woodbury University, rekindled existing networks, and established new partnerships for future collaborations as well. 






Last Updated on August 15, 2022.

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