Woodbury Business School Hosts Sixth Annual Creative Minds Conference

For the sixth year in a row, the School of Business organized its annual Creative Minds Conference on November 17, 2022.  Students, faculty and staff from Woodbury University, students and faculty from surrounding community colleges, and School of Business alumni attended this well-attended event that was held live after two years of virtual performance.

Several School of Business advisory board members were present, along with their fellow business executives from a wide diversity of backgrounds. Students had the opportunity to network with professionals from the finance, entertainment, entrepreneurial, technological, and creative industries.

Students from Pasadena City College, Mission College, Los Angeles Valley College, and Santa Monica College were in attendance. It was particularly nice to see how the PCC student entrepreneurship club organized itself to attend and participate in this event, and we hope the other community colleges will follow suit next year. This was the first time that community college students were allowed to participate in “So You Think You Can Sell”, and many of them came well-prepared! The competition was divided into two sections: a community college and a Woodbury section, with in-between a round of Kahoot!, in which all attendees could participate.

Community College winners,So You Think You Can Sell”

Seven Community College students, and 10 Woodbury students were reviewed by a judging panel, consisting of School of Business advisory board members and invited business leaders. The panel identified the following Community College winners:

  • First prize: Sepehr Parvardeh – $200
  • Second prize: Jiratat Rattanawimon – $150
  • Third prize: Ruben Anguiano – $100

All Community College prizes were sponsored by advisory board member Nick Mitchell, JD, Senior Vice President, General Counsel at Logix Federal Credit Union, who once was a community college student as well.

In the Woodbury contest, the following winners emerged:

  • First prize: Deven Momi -$1000, sponsored by advisory board member Neil Sherman, owner, Industrial Mettal Supply
  • Second prize: Austin Tham – $750, sponsored by advisory board member Ahdee Abramson, serial entrepreneur, and investor
  • Third prize: Inna Chukhajyan -$500, sponsored by advisory board member Ahdee Abramson, serial entrepreneur, and investor
  • Fourth prize: Macyn Monegain – $250, sponsored by advisory board chair Jane Skeeter, founder Ultraglas
  • Fifth prize: Lilit Ashchyan – $250, sponsored by advisory board member Noam Lotan, investor and mentor to various start-ups.
Woodbury University winners, “So You Think You Can Sell”

The event participants also had the chance to win a total of five gift baskets, sponsored by the School of Business. These prizes went to the following Woodbury and community college students, referred to by the username they applied for the game:

Devin Momi – first prize; Johnny Vo – second prize; Jack B – third prize; Michelle – fourth prize, and Macyn M- fifth prize.

The event was organized by the Dean’s Office, in collaboration with Woodbury’s chapter of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) student board, led by Samuel Kleinberg, CEO President, with assistance from Chanel Cruz, CEO secretary. Dr. Paul Sabolic, Management faculty, coordinated the CEO involvement in his position as chapter advisor.

Jack Condon, management faculty and assistant director of outreach for the School of Business, served as Master of Ceremony. Francesca Martin, administrative assistant, was highly instrumental in logistical coordination.

The School of Business thanks all participants that helped make this event an unforgettable one.



Last Updated on November 22, 2022. 


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