Three Political Science Graduates Destined for Law School

Greg Khandjian

Nare Davtyan is destined to be a top-notch lawyer. Her final senior thesis was inspired by the story of James Binnall and his campaign to grant convicted felons the right to serve on juries. Her research found that some 19.8 million people (including Mr. Binall) were stripped of their right to serve on a jury due to prior felony convictions. Nare’s research into the sixth and fourteenth amendments showed that a disproportionate percentage of people of color are eliminated from jury service due to prejudicial actions of many state legislatures. California is a shining example of the “right to a jury of peers” with a recently signed bill (SB 310), which allows felons to serve on a jury after their sentence is completed and they are no longer on probation. Nare is also finishing a directed studies course on the issue of crafting and arguing oral arguments (both from the defense and the prosecution side). Nare’s scholastic record is one of the highest in the Political Science department and besides being an outstanding student, she has been active in helping community grass-roots Armenian-American causes. Nare will attend Southwestern Law School in the fall.  

In addition to Nare, two other political science graduates plan to attend law school. Elona Nazaryan hopes to study international law. Her senior thesis analyzed the key driving forces of conflicts in the Middle East, looking specifically at how Saudi Arabia and Iran’s religious contextual differences contributed to mutual distrust and led to the wider involvement of their “proxies” throughout the region. Elona graduates with one of the top scholastic records in the Political Science Department. 

Grigor (Greg) Khandjian has had many achievements during his college career at Woodbury. He served as president of Woodbury University’s United Nations Students Association and is active in a myriad of fundraising and humanitarian efforts to help Armenia. He has the highest GPA in the College of Liberal Arts and we are proud to have him represent the graduating class as one of this year’s commencement speakers. Greg plans to attend law school in the fall. 

Last Updated on May 4, 2021. 

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