The College of Liberal Arts Welcome Week Scavenger Hunt!

We at the College of Liberal Arts (CoLA) would like to welcome all students back to campus this Fall 2020 term with a virtual scavenger hunt. Hunt through the Woodbury website, CoLA website, affiliated websites, and CoLA Instagram page in order to find the answers to the questions below. All correctly answered submissions will be entered into a raffle for prizes.

Any current Woodbury University student is welcome to enter.

Submit your answers to [email protected] (please be sure to copy and paste the list into the email itself to ensure answers are given for the correct number).

Bonus entry for the raffle will be given to any student who follows the CoLA Instagram account (@woodbury_cola) and/or likes the CoLA Facebook page (@woodburycola). Simply include your IG handle and FB name in your entry for verification purposes. Up to two bonus entries available per student.

Entries may be submitted on August 24th-August 31st at 11:59 pm.
Winners will be announced on September 4th on CoLA’s Instagram!


Scavenger Hunt List

  1. When was Woodbury University founded?
  2. Woodbury University alumni work at over 200 employers around the world… on the list provided, list the two that start with the letter M.
  3. Woodbury University is a convenient and ideal location for filming. Name at least 4 film productions that recently worked on our campus.
  4. Who is the Interim Dean of CoLA?
  5. What are the degrees that CoLA offers?
  6. What are the minors that CoLA offers?
  7. What is the name of the literary magazine that Woodbury puts together each semester?
  8. Who oversees the literary magazine?
  9. What is Athena?
  10. What was founded by Dr. Rich Matzen in 2013?
  11. Copy and paste your favorite tutor bio from the Writing Center or Math, Science, & Subject Tutoring website.
  12. Who is your subject-specific librarian?
  13. What quote does Dr. Rossen Ventzislavov have on his personal website by Arthur Schopenhauer?
  14. What competition did Dr. Rossen Ventzislavov compete in at the age of 10? (Hint: it’s on his personal website)
  15. Who is the chair of Interdisciplinary Studies?
  16. Who is the coordinator of the PSAD program?
  17. Where did Dr. Annie Chu do research besides UCLA?
  18. What did Dr. Amy Converse do for her doctoral thesis?
  19. What is Verse Come Verse Serve and who runs it?
  20. Screenshot your favorite CoLA-Verse Instagram post and include it in your answer sheet.
  21. Screenshot your favorite “Women and Democracy through the Decades” Instagram post.
  22. What is your favorite Cabaret Voltaire Instagram event?
  23. Who is the Associate Dean of CoLA?
  24. Who is the chair of the writing department and where did he get his doctorate from?
  25. What was Dr. Doug Cremer’s doctoral thesis in?
  26. Where are two of the places Dr. Phil Pack will take students for field experience?
  27. What is Dr. Emily Bills a coordinator of?
  28. What department does Dr. Nageswar Rao Chekuri teach in?
  29. Who is the Director of Tutoring Services?
  30. Email CoLA Administrative Coordinator [email protected] to find out who is the new CSDA Chair.
  31. Email CoLA Administrative Assistant [email protected] to find out who is the new Learning Specialist.


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