School of Business Organizes 2022 Student Award Ceremony

As part of the long-awaited return to campus initiatives, the School of Business organized its 2022 Student Award ceremony in one of its own classrooms on the beautiful Woodbury campus in Burbank.

At this event, the best and brightest of the School of Business BBA and MBA graduating class were recognized and honored for their academic and leadership accomplishments. As Dr. Cynthia Azari, Interim SVPAA commented, “The work of these students reflects the excellence of the Woodbury student body and serves as evidence of the commitment and talent of Woodbury’s Business faculty to guide their students toward some amazing outcomes. The work of these students also serves to illustrate the impact of our staff who provide the infrastructure and support required for student success”.

Dr. Azari pointed out the opportunities we learned to see based on the past two years of isolation and the new performance and engagement standards that have been set throughout our global human society. She emphasized that the pandemic taught us that unprecedented challenges brought on by troubling developments create new directions and positive ways of experiencing our lives.

Dr. Joan Marques, Dean of the School of Business, expressed her delight about having the opportunity to share this moment of pride and accomplishment with the 2022 graduating class. She commented that each of the 22 award recipients has demonstrated exceptional performance, and initiated a powerful legacy, which will come to full fruition in the years hereafter.

The following awards were granted:

The event was accommodated through an interplay of live presence, zoom attendance, and live streaming. Student awardees expressed their gratitude and several recalled unforgettable moments and lessons learned during their educational journey at Woodbury.


Last Updated on May 13, 2022. 

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