School of Business Establishes Relationship with Burbank Young Professionals

Members of the Burbank Chamber of Commerce’s Burbank Young Professionals (BYP) organization recently met with the School of Business and Career Services representatives to explore a variety of collaborative opportunities.

School of Business Dean, Joan Marques, as well BBA student advisory board leader, David Manikad and career development director, Oswaldo Navarro, got together with BYP representatives to explore opportunities. These include establishing networks between students and local business professionals, developing career fairs, hosting presentations from business leaders on campus, as well as offering the use of campus facilities for various Burbank-based business events.

Burbank Chamber of Commerce developed BYP as a way to unite young, motivated, community-minded business leaders and help them connect with each other and build their business networks in the process.

Because of Woodbury’s close involvement with the Burbank Chamber, a select group of students from the university are able to participate in BYP at no cost. Dean Marques assigned David as the School of Business’ representative, while Oswaldo will help to develop additional student representatives from across the university community.

The next BYP mixer is on February 27 at the Burbank Hilton Garden Inn.

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