School of Business Launches New Lecture Series

Woodbury’s School of Business announces the launch of the ‘Schultz Awareness Lectures – The Bob Talks,’ a series of discussions on topics concerning humanity’s fatal flaws.

‘The Bob Talks’ is brought to Woodbury by Robert A. Schultz (Bob), Emeritus Professor, Information Technology at Woodbury University for nearly 20 years. Initially, Professor Schultz will invite esteemed experts to address the Woodbury community on a bi-annual basis. The lectures will take place at the Fletcher-Jones Auditorium, School of Business, at Woodbury University.

The first ‘Bob Talk’ is scheduled for:

Monday, October 9; 6 p.m.

Topic: The Only Way to Go: How to Work, Live and Give as if there’s no tomorrow

Speaker: Guy McPherson, Emeritus Professor of Climatology, University of Arizona

Professor McPherson is the world’s leading authority on abrupt climate change leading to near-term extinction.

Location: Fletcher-Jones Auditorium, School of Business at Woodbury

No RSVP required

Coming February, 2018

Topic: From Wild Animal to Master of the World: How Did This Happen?

Speaker: Robert A. Schultz, Emeritus Professor, Information Technology, Woodbury University

Professor Schultz has published three books on information technology and ethics, including, ‘Contemporary Issues in Ethics and Information Technology,’ ‘Information Technology and the Ethics of Globalization,’ and ‘Technology vs. Ecology: Human Superiority and the Ongoing Conflict with Natures.’

Coming October, 2018

Topic: The Collapse of Complex Societies

Speaker: Joseph Tainter, Professor of Anthropology, Utah State University

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