School of Architecture Summer Showcase 2016

Join us for the exhibition and final review of the 2016 summer studios at Woodbury School of Architecture:

Friday, July 22, 2016

1:30pm-4:40pm | Review
Tectonic Painting: Translucent Mass
Instructor: Heather Flood

2pm-6pm | Review
The Mobile Village: Dwelling for Transitional Aged Youth in Foster Care
Instructor: Deborah Richmond

1pm-5pm | Review
Fieldwork LA: Through the Door on 4th & Hope
Instructor: Yi-Hsiu Yeh

10am-3pm | Review
Fieldwork Japan: Urban(e) Objects/Fieldwork Studies
Instructors: Matthew Gillis, Donatella Cusma, Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter

9:30am – 5pm | Review
Chinigchinix: Performing and Spoken Word Center for the Tongva and Chumash Tribes
Instructors: Thomas Valle Stallman, Christoph Korner

The event is open to the public. See a campus map for directions. The Julius Shulman Institute is building no. 22 on the map.

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