Nicholas Hanna Talks Performative Devices

Applied Computer Science Lecture Series

The Applied Computer Science Lecture Series features practitioners from a wide range of creative and scientific fields, all of whom incorporate applied computer science and technology at the core of their professional inquiry. Open to the entire Woodbury community, the lectures aim to foster dialogue around the increasing role of technology in society, its application across a diverse range of professional practices, the resulting explosion of creative and expressive modes of production, and the ethical and moral dilemmas that have emerged as technology has evolved.

On August 22, 2018, the lecture series welcomed Nicholas Hanna, an artist, designer and inventor who builds performative devices. He make objects, devices and installations that explore the aesthetic and affective potential of technology. His background is in architecture, (McGill + Yale). He also holds an MFA in Design Media Arts from UCLA. While he was living and working in Beijing in 2009, he shifted his attention from architecture to the creative applications of technology, and created his first art projects in China.

Event Information

Date:          Wednesday, August 22, 2018
Time:          6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location:   Miller Room 111

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