New York Times Features Fingerjoint Pop-up Bar in California Today

The New York Times has featured Woodbury graduate Lauren Amador’s Lesbian Bar pop-up through its California Today section. Drawing from an in-depth Eater article, the highlight draws attention to how there is not a single lesbian bar in the city of Los Angeles. The story explains Lauren’s work with Danielle Gavaldon as founders of the Fingerjoint pop-up bar and how they are hoping to reverse the tide.

Lauren graduated with a Bachelors of Architecture degree in 2015, and today she runs her own practice, Amador Architecture. Lauren had previously worked at Bestor Architecture and Rios Clementi Hale, as well as in Woodbury’s Digital Fabrication Lab alongside both the Wood and Metal shops. Amador wanted to open a lesbian bar in Los Angeles since she turned 21 and discovered there was not a single one in the city.

As Eater explains, “Queer spaces, especially lesbian spaces, are shuttering across America as former gayborhoods gentrify and as queer life in America is undergoing a generational realignment. Lesbian bars as they’ve existed in America are in danger of being lost in a very real way; in Los Angeles, there’s been a full-on extinction event. The last lesbian bar in LA’s gayborhood, West Hollywood, called the Palms, closed in 2013.” Amador decided she wanted to fix it.

Read more about Lauren and Danielle’s Fingerjoint pop-up bar and its connection to WUHO Gallery.

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