New Exhibit Opening


Nan Rae Gallery at Woodbury University is pleased to present a two-person exhibition featuring the sculptures of Miyoshi Barosh and paintings by Constance Mallinson.


Miyoshi Barosh’s sculptures are comprised of idiosyncratic combinations of forms and materials creating a humorous quality that centers on ideas that the artist describes as being concerned with “cultural and individual “Failure” (the failure to make life better), Utopia and Ruins”. The artist utilizes a wide array of materials, such as foam, fiberglass, paint, and found objects together with fabrics and yarn (to name only a few) “with both comic irony and heartfelt sincerity pointing to both material and emotional excess.”

Miyoshi Barosh received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and MFA from Cal Arts. She is a 2015 recipient of a City of Los Angeles COLA Grant and a 2015 John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship. Miyoshi Barosh is represented by the Luis De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles. http://www.miyoshibarosh.com/index.html


Constance Mallinson’s paintings of reconfigured detritus, accumulated/collected on her daily walks thru Los Angeles are re-arranged in her studio and painted from observation in the self described style of “lush, near old masters technique.” This body of work, titled “Picasso’s Bastards,” is described by the artist as a way to “reveal tensions between the humorous or silly and the apocalyptic, the strangely beautiful and the grotesque.” These portraits of the landscape depicted in the guise of the human face are perversely humorous reminders of the artist’s observation of “ongoing environmental degradation.”

Constance Mallinson received her BFA from the University of Georgia in 1970.

She has had solo exhibitions at Pomona College of Art; Angles Gallery, Santa Monica, California; National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C., Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, and Ace Gallery, Los Angeles. In addition to numerous local and national group exhibitions Constance Mallison is a regular reviewer for Art in America since 1983. http://constancemallinson.net/


Nan Rae Gallery Hours:

Weds 12-8 pm

Thurs-Sun 12-5 pm


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