Meet Carmen Sarkis, an Alumna of the School of Business’ MBA Program (Class of 2011)

Carmen Sarkis (Class of 2011) is an alum of the School of Business’s MBA program. She is currently a doctoral student at Pepperdine University, where she is studying to earn an EdD in Organizational Leadership. She currently works as a consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute. She is also a realtor with Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Here is what Carmen had to say about her experience as a student in the School of Business in her own words:

“My experience at Woodbury University and my MBA program significantly impacted my professional goal and career aspirations. In particular, my experience in the School of Business was exceptional, providing a conducive learning environment and an academic and practical foundation to creative, strategic business decisions, including communication with a diverse audience. Coupled with the quality educational resources and a robust set of curricula, being part of institutions’ School of Business will contribute to my academic success, positively impacting my professional ambitions and career aspirations.

Notwithstanding, various business classes played a pivotal role in my career planning and development. Courses like organizational behavior and strategy, business and management ethics significantly shaped my career. These programs instilled an all-encompassing organizational insight that helped me progress my career on the right path. I acknowledge ethics are essential in ensuring one adopts the right strategies in a given platform. At the same time, student organizations affiliated with the School of Business, including the job networking opportunities and the Dining Etiquette events, were a vital platform to share ideas, establish connections, and interact with individuals with whom we shared the same academic objectives and career path. Engaging in various events and being part of student organizations spurred a practical enthusiasm to plan, coordinate, direct, and integrate robust initiatives to ascertain organizations’ efficiency and productivity.

Further, the mentorship I received while in the institution contributed to my progress in career development. Professor Satinder Dhiman is an individual who has inspired me to become a better version of myself in life and career-wise. Besides being my academic counselor and mentor, he is the most humble person I’ve ever met in my life. Since my first day in business classes, Professor Dhiman was a great inspiration, with his all-encompassing knowledge in social and business subjects, making him a role model. He guided me through my career path and my current school for my Doctorate of Organizational Leadership. Such mentorship and an academic environment founded on excellence and success instigate me to leverage my skills, competence, and available resources and contribute to the ongoing effort to align management approaches and organizational philosophies as a business leader in real estate and consulting.”


Last Updated on March 23, 2022. 

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