Mark Ericson: Primitive Drawings at ACSA Annual Meeting

Assistant Professor Mark Ericson will be presenting his project entitled “Primitive Drawings” at the 105th ACSA Annual Meeting in Detroit. The project translates 17th century stereotomic drawings techniques into computational processes that incorporate time.

Primitive Drawing begins with a study and development of the techniques of drawing with solids exemplified in Guarino Guarini’s Architettura civile (1735). Cones, spheres, and cylinders are each reduced to sets of two-dimensional relationships and then redeployed as instruments of distortion. These techniques were then written into a computational process that allowed for the production of multiple variations of distorted curvature.

All of the drawings, are flat, orthographic two-dimensional constructions. Orthographic projectors, originating circles, and deformed nameless curves all appear, allow the drawing as an object to function independent of a specific representational outcome. Thereby reframing orthography as a drawing process in which the entirety of its components are read as potential form.  As orthographic projection and by extension descriptive geometry face a near extinction in most architecture curriculums, this project proposes a reimagining of their basic tenants within a digital framework. While simulated three-dimensional space continues to offer new potentials for formal invention and communication, the limits of flat two-dimensional orthographic drawings have yet to be tested.



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