Jump-Start Your Career: Job Interview & Resume Feedback for Woodbury Students

As the COVID-19 pandemic mandated a string of restrictions in societies throughout the globe in 2020, the School of Business rapidly shifted toward online facilitation to ensure continuation of its courses and resources. With a rotating executive in residence program in place for the past three years, the School of Business’ Advisory Board decided to step up its support to Woodbury students by offering a monthly event titled, “Jump Start Your Career.” The event has been accessible to students from all Woodbury majors, and consisted of dialogues about career challenges, job interviews, resume guidance, and other professional guidance.

To end the series for the 2020-2021 academic year with appropriate luster, the advisory board formed a panel of local leaders, who would engage with students on their career preparation. Participants were asked to submit their resume, prepare a one-minute pitch in which they would explain their personal and professional strengths, and receive feedback during a subsequent conversation with the panel.

During the session, held on April 29, panel members provided constructive feedback on participants’ attire and the content and emphasis of their presentations. They also shared tips to improve the students’ resumes related to formatting and length, sequence of topics, clarity in explaining skills, and omitting redundancies or unnecessary details.

Each student expressed gratitude for the strong guidelines and empowering affirmations in a short timeframe. Several advisory board members sponsored gift cards to the participating students as a token of appreciation for their preparation and dedication toward improved excellence.


Last Updated on May 5, 2021.

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