GRAFT Wins Competition for Rose Square in Tbilisi, Georgia

GRAFT, co-founded by Woodbury University’s Chair of Interior Architecture Christoph Korner, won the competition for the transformation of Rose Square in the center of Tbilisi, capital of the Republic of Georgia.

The new public square is composed of different levels that connect above and below ground program through a subtly inclining surface.

On the Graft website, the project is described as follows: “The new Rose Square will consist of a folded surface, floating above the ground. It hovers over the city center connecting different levels and areas. Along a slightly inclined surface the new Rose Square creates a connection to the underground areas the square was built on during the 70s. There will be new retail and restaurant areas and so called sunken gardens. An underground pedestrian path connects the hotel with the Boulevard Rustaveli. The design reflects the distinct features of the capitals terraced topography and reanimates so far unused potentials of a variating urban landscapes.”

“The two-leveled public space will guide the visitors through a continuous landscape while creating a calm atmosphere. The urban flow is intertwined through a series of cut-outs on the square surface, additional design elements towards the East and West create meeting areas.”

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