Former White House Intern Michael Schumer Kicks off Entrepreneur Lecture Series with Uplifting Message on Fulfillment, Goal Setting, and Risk Taking

Before he could drive a car Michael Schumer started a non-profit organization to raise money for military veterans. By age 17 he had earned a position as a White House Intern and worked for former First Lady Michelle Obama, among others. Schumer has dedicated his life to making an impact in the community and, through that experience, has become a strong believer in the power of investing in people.

At the first entrepreneur lecture series of the semester, Schumer shared lessons he has learned as an entrepreneur. His topics ranged from general advice, such as make people you meet with feel heard, maintain a can-do attitude, take risks, be prepared and present, pay attention to the little things, and always arriving early for meetings, to more specific subjects like assemble a diverse board of directors and challenge them to hold you accountable.

Despite his early accomplishments, Schumer said he wasn’t fulfilled until he started doing what he loved and stressed to lecture attendees that they should seek to find their passion and marry it with what they do well.

“I had accomplished these three great things, but I wasn’t stoked. I wasn’t really psyched,” Schumer admitted. “That goes back to doing what you love and feeling connected and investing in people. That’s where I turned my attention over the last 8 years.” Schumer spent time reading self-help books, talking to mentors, and learning how to find contentment.

With his passion now clear and his skills sharpened, he continues to expand his Points for Patriots nonprofit. The organization’s Patriot Fellowship and SpouseConnect programs center on evidence-based connectedness, social entrepreneurship, and wellness training for young people and military spouses. Since 2011, the organization has donated $100,000 to Intrepid Fallen Heroes fund, which builds rehabilitation centers on military bases across the USA.

Schumer’s final piece of advice to the participants was to celebrate the little wins.

“It’s little steps. You took a step today by coming here and you should be proud of that.”


Last Updated on March 4, 2022.

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