Executive in Residence

Over the course of the semester, the Executive in Residence program became increasingly successful. While, in the early stages, the executives visited classrooms to introduce themselves and share insights with various student groups, by the end of the semester many were making one-on-one appointments with eager students looking to obtain personal career advice.

The 11 executives in the program–all local business leaders and members of the School of Business Advisory Board–took three to four hours our of their busy days to spend with business students, sometimes during late mornings, early afternoons or evenings. The variety in days and times was built in to ensure that as many student groups would have the opportunity to interact with the local business leaders as possible.

During the semester, students had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Tom Oliver, president of the board of directors for Build Industries; Dr. Andre van Niekerk, expert at strategically positioning organizations; Neil Sherman, owner of Industrial Metal Supply, Shawn Morey, realtor and principal broker at Dwell Real Estate group; Noam Lotan, investor and a mentor to several privately held technology companies; Jane Skeeter, CEO and Founder of UltraGlas, Inc.; George Aba, CFO, The Outdoor Recreation Group; Sunder Ramani, president of Westwind Properties; John Humphrey, consultant to Global Automotive Executives; Michael Cusumano, managing director of the Cusumano Real Estate Group; and Pouria Abbassi, president and CEO of the Golbanoo Group.

Jane Skeeter, Executive in Residence, School of Business
Jane Skeeter
Noam Lotan, Executive in Residence
Noam Lotan






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