Entrepreneur Lecture Series: Entertainment Attorney Turns Passion into Purpose

Entertainment attorney and entrepreneur, Igbo Obioha, wrapped up the Woodbury School of Business Fall 2021 Entrepreneur Lecture series with a powerful message about pursuing ones’ true passions. While he didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur, Obioha admits doing his own thing was always in his blood; and eventually, he launched Obioha & Associates, an entertainment law practice. His late father, Chief Nwajiaku Blessing Obioha, a first-generation immigrant, started a real estate company and founded a nonprofit organization that raised money to build a library and provide resources for his hometown of Akokwa, Nigeria. Additionally, all three of his siblings followed in their father’s footsteps and became business owners.

After finishing law school at the University of Southern California, Obioha practiced law at an insurance company before working for a firm that specialized in business-to-business disputes.

“These opportunities gave me a chance to do different kinds of interesting legal work, but I didn’t feel I was totally where I should be,” Obioha shared.

While working on a case that involved the record label of the artist formerly known as Prince, Igbo discovered his passion for entertainment contractual law. At this time, he knew he found his purpose, and proposed starting an entertainment division at the firm where he worked.  Displeased with the reaction from the firm’s partners, Obioha started his own law practice, Obioha & Associates in 2004. The firm, which specialized in family-friendly and faith-based content would become one of the premiere law firms in Southern California, offering full-service representation in the entertainment industry. “I went with what was authentically me,” Obioha said.

In 2021, Obioha merged with Sanders Roberts LLC., a premier litigation boutique. As a partner of the firm, he leads the entertainment division.

Obioha’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is “to gravitate towards their true purpose, be of service to their mentor, and take chances. Fortune favors the bold.”

Last Updated on December 2, 2021. 

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