Dr. Rubik Yegoryan Celebrates 20 Years of Service to the College of Liberal Arts

In 2020, Dr. Rubik Yegoryan celebrated a significant milestone of twenty years of service to the university as an adjunct mathematics and physics professor. Dr. Yegoryan cites Woodbury’s atmosphere of friendliness and excitement as qualities that attracted him to teach for the College, but he stayed because of the students.

“Woodbury students are very motivated, polite, and smart.” he says. “I love to teach math for them and help them develop abstract and analytic thinking. They are the primary reason I keep going year after year.” An accomplished researcher with a PhD. from the Yerevan Physics Institute and St. Petersburgh Institute of NuclearPhysics, Dr. Yegoryan’s long teaching career has also been a highly productive time professionally. He published three textbooks with McGraw Hill, four textbooks with Cengage Learning, and more than 200 published articles. At Woodbury, he developed seven other e-books to assist his students in understanding complicated material.

He has also advised the Governments of Armenia and Kazakhstan, and served as an expert for United Nation ECE HS committee (Geneva). When asked how he felt about reaching this career milestone he acknowledged, “It was honestly a surprise to be told about this milestone. I hadn’t been counting! I was simply enjoying writing, teaching, and interacting with WU students. I guess I will continue doing exactly that!”

Last Updated on February 25, 2021. 

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