Dr. Anthony Fontenot Featured in Book on All-Inclusive Engagement and Social Change

School of Architecture Faculty member Dr. Anthony Fontenot contributes to a new publication titled All-Inclusive Engagement in Architecture: Towards the Future of Social Change. Dr. Fontenot’s essay, ‘Activating Medellín and the Politics of Citizen Engagement’, provides a case study that illustrates the value of community participation in the pursuit of design for equity and inclusion.

Should all-inclusive engagement be the major task of architecture? This new collection of essays and case studies presents the case that the answer is yes. Architecture can bring forth a radical reformation of the profession and its relationship to society, and become an instrument of social change. Through original contributions and case studies of 59 authors, this volume shows that socially engaged architecture is both a theoretical construct and a professional practice navigating the global politics of poverty, charity, health, technology, neoliberal urbanism, and the discipline’s exclusionary basis. The scholarly ideas and design projects presented demonstrate the architect’s role as a revolutionary social agent. Exemplary works are included from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Dr. Fontenot is joined by former Woodbury faculty member Teddy Cruz and 57 other distinguished thought-leaders, authors, academics and practitioners, including:

Teddy Cruz, Fonna Forman, Farhana Ferdous, Bryan Bell, Liz Kramer, Harriet Harriss, Edward M. Orlowski, Joongsub Kim, Ralf Pasel, Andreas Skambas, Craig Stott, Simon Warren, Barry Ballinger, Kapila Silva, Wanda Dalla Costa, Naushad Huq, Farhan Karim, Ruth Morrow, Timothy Waddell, Roberta Burghardt, Christopher Dell, Bernd Kniess, Dominique Peck, Anna Richter, Marius Töpfer, Rebecca Wall, Nathan King, Anthony Fontenot, Virginia Melnyk, Sony Devabhaktuni, Min Kyung Lee, John Folan, Kelsey Menzel, Lizzie MacWillie, Omar Hakeem, Thor Erickson, DK Osseo-Asare, Yasmine Abbas, Yutaka Sho, James Setzler, Shannon Criss, Nils Gore, Valentina Davila, McGill University, Luce Beeckmans, Matthew Kleinmann, Caroline Shannon, Gerard Georges, Jean Paul Uzabakiriho, Sarah Mohland, Johan Verspyck, Eike Roswag Klinge, Ralf Pasel, Leon Radeljic, Garret Gantner, Costanza La Mantia, Sergio Palleroni, Todd Ferry, Susan Szenasy


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