Demar Matthews Featured in Archinect's 2020 Thesis Spotlight

MArch graduate Demar Matthews was recently featured as part of Archinect’s 2020 Thesis Spotlight Series. His thesis work is grounded in ideas to develop and identify a Black aesthetic in architecture. Demar decided to curate all of his research on a website, offtopdesign.com, as an exploration of Black aesthetics and a platform for his ongoing work.

In his previous article on Archinect, A Black Architecture Education Experience, he notes how his educational experience in studying architecture was a driving force during his thesis.

When asked about one of his key learning moments, Matthews noted that, “Getting drawings through the building department was a key learning moment. As students, we are often told what our responsibilities will be for the first couple years of being at a firm, and it is rarely something to get excited about. But to go through the building process from funding, finding engineers/contractors, all the way up to the permit phase taught me so much. It taught me how architecture can be used as a tool.”

Read the full interview and discover Demar’s work online here.


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