2019 CURRENTS End of Year Exhibition

Join Woodbury School of Architecture for the 2019 End of Year Exhibition, CURRENTS on Sunday May 5th at 6pm on the Los Angeles campus. CURRENTS is a collection of exceptional student work produced in the undergraduate and graduate programs during the 2018-2019 academic year. This annual exhibition marks the shifting interests and enduring values that continue to shape the School of Architecture. Currents will remain open until Friday, June 7th, 2019.

CURRENTS: End of Year Exhibition & Alumni Reunion
Sunday May 5th at 6:00pm
7500 North Glenoaks Boulevard, Burbank, CA 91504

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The projects on view at CURRENTS are organized around layers of architectural education. Simultaneously speculative and real, material and abstract, conceptual and matter-of-fact, this body of work coalesces around the intellectual and technical boundaries that mark the current moment at Woodbury. Undergraduate and graduate projects have been collapsed into a single collection of drawings and models that can be understood as either the ground work, field work, or frame work of architecture.

Ground Work provides an intellectual and technical foundation for the production of architecture. Students are introduced to conventions of representation and construction. Conventional understandings are then transformed into contemporary design proposals through the acquisition of advanced skill sets. Design problems are inward in orientation as they absorb and explore the tenets of the discipline.

Field Work cracks the foundation to reveal the broad spectrum of architectural possibilities that emerge when foundational knowledge engages contemporary culture. Students are introduced to the technology of building in relationship to environmental, structural, and material systems. Design problems are outward in orientation as they leverage disciplinary intelligence against a wide range of civic conditions.

Frame Work narrows intellectual and technical expertise around individual interests. Students are introduced to research methods that aim to synchronize abstract concepts with modes of practice. Design problems are simultaneously inward and outward in orientation as they define a personal approach for engaging a professional audience.


Interior Architecture

The Department of Interior Architecture at Woodbury University critically engages design as a progressive craft of form-making that transforms the individual and social ways we inhabit space, merging the physical constructs of the visual arts, architecture, product and furniture design with the social sciences, and the humanities. The work of our faculty and students foregrounds the human condition as an agent of space making, and argues for the social, cultural, material, sensorial, and communicative realms of design. Our students explore new ways of seeing, building, and designing, through real and imagined geographies of culturally rich spatial narratives.

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