COVID-19 Response Team Update | February 12, 2021

Dear Campus Community,

Today we announce that the COVID-19 response team will be sending bi-weekly (every Friday after on-site COVID-19 testing) communication containing important information as it relates to COVID-19. We hope that these communications will provide important information while also keeping our campus community updated. Information regarding testing numbers, positive & negative test results, upcoming testing dates, Los Angeles & San Diego test rate percentages & hospitalizations, as well as any updates or reminders on both campuses.

This week on Wednesday, February 10thWoodbury tested 206 faculty, staff, and students at the Burbank campus, all were negative. However, Mend Urgent Care reports that 15 are still processing. This is usually due to a lack of collection of specimen. These individuals will be contacted to coordinate another COVID-19 test. On the San Diego campus, we tested 20 faculty, staff, and students yesterday and all were negative.


Burbank Campus Updates:

  • Upcoming on-site COVID-19 testing dates: February 24, March 10, and March 24.
  • LA County seven day positivity rate average: 8%
  • New cases reported in LA County: 3,489
  • Total cases reported in LA County: 1,158,619


San Diego Campus Updates:

  • Upcoming on-site COVID-19 testing is February 25, March 11, and March 25.
  • San Diego County 14 day positivity rate average: 6.4%
  • New cases reported in San Diego County: 1,113
  • Total cases reported in San Diego County: 249,974



  • Monday, February 15 is President’s Day. Campus Closure
  • Tuesday, February 16 is Faculty Enrichment Day. No instruction
  • Access to campus for all faculty, staff, and students is only allowed for those who have a recent (no more than two weeks) COVID-19 test.
    • If you get tested anywhere outside of Woodbury, it is your responsibility to communicate your testing with our school nurse by emailing her at [email protected]. Access will be denied until your outside results are confirmed and documented with Gabriela.
    • If you miss an on-site test or cannot make one, please email [email protected] for outside testing locations.

Last Updated on February 12, 2021

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