Bobcat Fire Containment Doubles Overnight

Dear campus community,


Please be aware that campus safety & security administrators continue to follow updates on the Bobcat fire. As such, we would like to brief you on recent information provided by local media and fire officials.


Fire crews have achieved 38% containment of the Bobcat fire. This is after weeks of struggling to keep up with the fire’s multidirectional growth, and have more than doubled containment overnight.


Accordingly, the estimated final containment date has been moved up by one month to September 30th. Please note that this fire is still burning, and evacuation orders & warnings remain in effect in the areas listed here.


For our students and parents who are not familiar with California Wildfires, we would like to take this time to state that this fire does NOT threaten Woodbury University. Air quality has improved, and the campus remains safe.


If you are a community member living in areas where evacuation orders and warnings are issued, please contact [email protected], and we will provide essential resources and assistance.


Last Updated on September 24, 2020.

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