Interim Dean of School of Architecture, Heather Flood, featured in Archinect interview

Heather Flood, Interim Dean of Woodbury University’s School of Architecture, was recently interviewed by Archinect writer and editor Katherine Guimapang in a piece titled Embracing New Pathways for Architectural Expertise: A Conversation With Heather Flood, Woodbury School of Architecture Interim Dean.

The interview covers Heather’s background, her thoughts on the current state of architectural education, and how she plans on changing it.

“We work very hard to empower our students to have lifelong careers. I don’t like the idea of all-nighters and ‘suffering for the craft.’ I want there to be joy in architecture education. It’s important to establish in students that their time is valuable.” – Heather Flood

Read the full article by clicking here. 


Last Updated on April 26, 2022. 

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