Applied Computer Science Presents Vishesh Chachra

Vishesh Chachra: Using Business Experience to Pursue an Acting Career

About the lecture:
From Vishesh Chachra: “I was educated in Engineering and Finance. I worked in sales, investment banking and corporate development. I am now a film and television actor with 30 Film/TV credits. Does that sound like a strange transition? It really wasn’t. Industries are similar. A career pursuit in the entertainment industry is simply a startup business. I will share how I used my business experience to methodically pursue my acting career.”

About the speaker:
Vishesh Chachra is an American actor and producer. In the midst of a successful business career, Vishesh dropped everything to pursue his lifelong passion for film and television. He has appeared in Hawaii Five-0 (2016), Criminal Minds (2016), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2017), Life in Pieces (2017) and Days of our Lives (2015) among 25 other credits. Vishesh was educated in engineering and finance at Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt. He studies acting with Aaron Speiser and comedy at Actors Comedy Studio.


When:  Monday, 10/30, 4pm – 5:30pm
Where: Entertainment Media Room E100



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