Anali Gharakhani Exhibits Work at BoldPas

Woodbury adjunct faculty member Anali Gharakhani will feature her work “Blister” as part of the BoldPas Art Takeover in Pasadena.

BoldPas Art Takeover
Saturday, August 12, 2017, 12:00pm – 8:00pm
Old Pasadena Management District, Pasadena, CA 91105

BoldPas is an ephemeral intersection of design, architecture, art, history, and public space, featuring selected site-specific installations in Old Pasadena’s unique historic setting. Works from L.A. artists will feature a “bold” theme, displaying bright colors, surprising scale, and playfulness; many encourage direct interaction with viewers. Gharakhani’s Blister piece is made up of seven spheres that have gone through a process of deformation. Each resultant form or “Blister” is constructed from layers of cardboard. At their intersections a colored surface signifies the nesting of all blisters suggesting that they can be pushed around and nested back together acting as a three-dimensional puzzle. The public is encouraged to interact with all blisters in way of lounging or sitting with respect and caution.

The art takeover will include art installations throughout Old Pasadena’s historic alleyways, where visitors can interact with LA artists and join a walking tour to learn about public art. Work will be shown by artists like renowned painter and muralist Andrew Hem, and over three dozen decorated business and “Art Shops” will open their doors for visitors to connect with Pasadena’s creative community.

Find out more about Anali’s work online.

Featured Image: Anali Gharakhani, Yucca: Bridging Ten Millenia


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