Alumnus Sean Joyner Explores Social Justice at Woodbury SOA on Archinect

Alumnus Sean Joyner (BArch 16′) recently began the new Reflections on Academia blog on Archinect as a series of reflections, thoughts, ideas and observations during his time working and teaching at Woodbury School of Architecture. His first post explores Woodbury’s commitment to social justice through student scholarship winners.

As Sean notes in his post, “Woodbury University calls itself an advocate of diversity, equity, and inclusion in architecture. Many schools have called themselves the same. Is Woodbury an advocate proper, or merely a self-proclaimed advocate? The student body provides some interesting insights: While a small percentage of students in the School of Architecture identify as African-American or Black, the socioeconomic background of the remaining remains richly diverse. In the Spring of 2019, 43% of students were Hispanic, 10% Asian, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, and 15% were international students representing 31 countries. Student groups say something too. Both NOMAS and CLEA are bustling within Woodbury SoA’s activity. So far so good. Likewise, the School’s many initiatives are making progress.”

Find out more about Sean and his work through his recent Alumni Spotlight feature.

Sean is an architect-trained writer and editor at Archinect. His articles and essays utilize themes from history, philosophy, and psychology to explore lessons for students and professionals within the fields of architecture and design. Sean’s work prior to Archinect focused primarily on k-12 and higher education projects in Southern California. Some of the things Sean enjoys are playing and practicing chess, studying obscure topics like quantum physics and cryptography, working out, and reading compelling books.


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