AIAS San Diego Announces Outdoor Studio Competition Winners

Woobury University’s San Diego Chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students has announced the winners of the 2020 Outdoor Studio contest. The Outdoor Studio Competition was organized for the participation of current enrolled students, community college students, and high school students to engage in the redesign of the project yard into an adaptive communal space that functions as a classroom, studio, and event space.

The Outdoor Studio is meant to provide relief from the hustle and bustle of architecture school, while also nurturing more creative thinking and testing spots. As a collaborative effort, this competition was organized by Allen Reyes, President; Frida Lopez, V.P; Victor Sanchez, Secretary; Marz Diaz Blanco.

WUSD Outdoor Studio Competition Entry by Jesus Arroyo

The first edition included participants from both Poway High School and Palomar College. After a review by Woodbury professors and the AIAS executive board, the winners are as follows:

1st Place – Miguel Angel Cruz, Palomar College
2nd Place – Joni Frame, Palomar College
3rd Place- Jesus Arroyo, Palomar College

The Outdoor Studio is designed to act as a versatile space for its students. It offers students a space to work, to rest, to socialize and to host events, while also being able to be outside. The brief called for is a place where architectural practices can be tested and where classes can be held.

WUSD Outdoor Studio Competition Entry by Joni Frame

“Located in the vibrant, cultural center of Barrio Logan, adjacent to many industrial sites, Woodbury University acts a a community space for residence and a communal home to many of its students. Being a former industrial site, the are not many landscape areas for students to utilize. There is, however, a small outdoor space along Sampson at the rear of the school. The dirt lot currently houses several abandoned projects. The goal of the competition is to select a design for current and future Woodbury students to utilize.”


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Header Image: WUSD Outdoor Studio Competition Entry, courtesy Miguel Angel Cruz, Palomar College


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