Faculty / School of Business

Paul C. Sabolic

Visiting Associate Professor | Management

In January 2018, Dr. Sabolic became a Visiting Associate Professor after serving as a Participating Adjunct Faculty member since 1999. He brings to the School of Business 47 years of experience in business and management with multinational corporations and 30+years of academic and administrative experience in private and public post-secondary institutions, including the University of Redlands, Santa Monica College, Los Angeles Valley College and Los Angeles Pierce College. His expertise encompasses marketing, management, economics, media studies, information technology and education. Dr. Sabolic’s consulting practice is aimed at a diverse client base, including NYSE companies Procter & Gamble, Anheuser-Busch, American Medical International and Tribune Corporation.

Areas of Expertise: Corporate planning; CRM and project management; team-building; diversity issues in employment; strategic planning; management by objectives (MBO)


B.A., History/Political Science, University of Washington
M.B.A., Management/Marketing, Pepperdine University
Ed.D., Computer & Information Technology, Nova Southeastern University
Commission, USNR, Naval Officer Candidate School


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