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Joye Swan

Chair, Department of Psychology

Dr. D. Joye Swan received her Ph.D. in Applied Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate University. Her areas of expertise are applied research on sexual risk-taking, intimate relationships, and political influence. She writes a monthly column in Psychology Today called “Up Close and Personal” focusing on sexuality and intimacy. Dr. Swan was a 2016 recipient of a summer academy fellowship from the International Society of Political Psychology. Her forthcoming book, Understanding Bisexuality: Theories, Research, and Recommendations for the Invisible Sexuality (in press), is co-edited with her former student Shani Habibi.

Dr. Swan’s most recent research publications are:

  • Swan, D. J. & Habibi, S. (2017, in press). Gender bias in perceptions of bisexuality. Is it “one and done” for males? Psychology of Sexualities Review.
  • Swan, D. J. & Thompson, S. C. (2016). Monogamy, the protective fallacy:  Sexual versus emotional exclusivity and the implication for sexual health risk. Journal of Sex Research, 53, 64-73.
  • Swan, D. J. & Habibi, S. (2015).  Heterosexuals do it with feeling:  Heterocentrism in heterosexual college students’ perceptions of bisexuality and heterosexuality. Journal of Bisexuality, 15, 1-15.

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PhD, Applied Social Psychology, Claremont Graduate School
MA, Social Psychology, Claremont Graduate School
BA, Psychology, California State University, Northridge