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Eric Daniels

Faculty, Department of Animation

Eric Daniels was a traditional “pencil and paper” animator, but gravitated towards computer animation in its earliest days. He quickly taught himself to program, and since then has specialized in combining these two disciplines to create new kinds of visuals.

He has worked on the Disney feature films Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Tarzan, Treasure Planet, Princess and the Frog, Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, and the Academy Award-winning Big Hero 6 and Frozen. In 2002 he won a Technical Achievement award from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences for the development of Deep Canvas, the patented process used to create the painterly 3d jungle in Disney’s Tarzan. Eric also helped create the patented technique used in the Oscar-winning short film Paperman. In addition to his film work, he has helped creatively guide dozens of theme park attractions and projection shows for Disney, has programmed screensavers and iPhone apps for his own company, and has given talks and masterclasses here and in Italy, Norway, Holland, and Belgium.

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