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Emily Prior

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychology

Emily Prior’s degrees from California State University, Northridge, include a BA in Psychology, with minors in Anthropology and Human Sexuality and an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies, combining Sociology, Anthropology, and Archival Methods. She is an adjunct at several colleges in Southern California, co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Positive Sexuality, Executive Director of Center for Positive Sexuality, researcher, and guest lecturer.

Research Interests:

Sexuality, Gender, Feminism, Identity and Representation, Deviance, Marginalized Subcultures, Social Problems, Mixed Methods and Multi-Discipline Research (Qualitative, Quantitative, Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology, and Psychology)


Wait, go back, I might miss something important!” Applying leisure 101 to simplify and complicate BDSM. Journal of Positive Sexuality, 2015
Do we always practice what we preach? Real vampires’ fears of coming out of the coffin to social workers and helping professionals. Critical Social Work, 2015
Domination and submission (D&S) and Dominatrix, Pro-Domme. In P. Whelehan & A. Bolin (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality. West Sussex, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2015
Contemporary polyamory: A call for awareness and sensitivity in social work. Social Work, 2015
Moving Full-Speed Ahead in the Wrong Direction? A Critical Examination of US Sex-Offender Policy from a Positive Sexuality Model, Critical Criminology, 2015
Does BDSM Power Exchange Among Women Reflect Casual Leisure? An Exploratory Qualitative Study, Journal of Positive Sexuality, 2015
Introducing a Multidisciplinary Framework of Positive Sexuality, Journal of Positive Sexuality, 2015
Empowering Voices, Building Bridges, Creating Solutions Journal of Positive Sexuality, 2015
From SSC to RACK to the 4Cs: Introducing a New framework for Negotiating BDSM.  Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 2014
Resolving Social Problems Associated with Sexuality: Can a “Sex Positive” Approach Help? Social Work, 2013
Women’s Perspectives of BDSM Power Exchange Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality, 2013

Other Positions:

Psychology Adjunct, Sober College
Sociology Adjunct, College of the Canyons
Sociology Adjunct, California Lutheran University
Sociology Adjunct, Pasadena City College
Sociology Adjunct, Idaho State University
Executive Director, Center for Positive Sexuality



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