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Dan Carreker

Adjunct Faculty, Game Art & Design

Dan Carreker received his Master of Fine Arts in Art of Game Design from Laguna College of Art + Design in 2018. There he developed the EAM methodology of game design, a player-centric, top-down process specifically meant to focus designers on building to a core player experience. He is also the author of the first print dictionary focused specifically on the Game Industry, The Game Developer’s Dictionary: A Multidisciplinary Lexicon for Professionals and Students, published by Cengage in 2012.

He has been teaching Game Design and Game Programming for nearly a decade and has worked and consulted in the industry on numerous projects. Among the games he is credited on are Medieval: Total War, Pizza Morgana, and Star Trek: Armada II.

As a passionate advocate for students and the industry, he has facilitated and presented at various conferences and expos including the Game Education Summit and GameX and has served as a panelist at the Geekie Awards for their Indy Game categories. He is also an avid collector of vintage PC games and equipment and currently working on his second book, an extensive exploration of the many facets of game design


M.F.A. Game Design, Laguna College of Art & Design

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