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Angela Diamos

Faculty, Department of Animation

I have over 18 years’ professional experience in the feature animation and live action effects field. I have animated effects for FANTASIA 2000, TARZAN, HERCULES, HUNCHBACK, ATLANTIS, and THE EMERPORS NEW GROOVE. I have also animated effects for STAR TREK, BATTELSTAR GALLACTICA, BUCK ROGERS AND QUANTUM LEAP- from a long list of effects work.

In the process of retraining, retooling and obtaining an MFA in Digital Media Studies, I am now channeling my talent into personal work and using digital and video images as a medium. The work that I have created has gone on to be exhibited in International Festivals, Museums and Galleries. Currently, I enjoy serving as a Professor of Animation at Woodbury University.


M.F.A. California State University Northridge
B.F.A. California Institute of the Arts

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