Computing at Woodbury

Woodbury offers four different computer degrees.

The programs each are centered on computing, but apply it in different contexts:

All computing programs share a common core of courses, allowing students to cross different disciplines and get a wide view of the different approaches to technology.

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Applied Computer Science Media Arts, BS Degree

This STEM program is an art and technology hybrid degree focusing on emerging digital practices by working with interactive environments, experiential design, and human interaction. It uses computer science as a tool to innovate within fields of design, entertainment, and media arts; enabling students to develop into creators and innovators, preparing them for exciting and cutting-edge careers.

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Computer Information Systems, BS Degree

The CIS program teaches students to create and deploy the latest cutting-edge systems in business. Graduates will be able to fill any IT role, from creating websites to creating mobile apps, visualizing data, and leading organizations. Woodbury’s School of Business is accredited by AACSB and ACBSP, placing us in the top 4% of schools worldwide.

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Computer Science Data Analytics, BS Degree

In CSDA, students combine computer science, statistics, and project management with in-depth knowledge of a specific discipline to become expert analysts. This STEM program is designed to help students understand data analysis methodologies, as well as to appreciate, visualize, describe, and analyze data. Data Scientists are being employed in nearly every industry today, from social media to pharmacology to transportation and automation.

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Design Computation, BS Degree

Students in this program will develop computational literacy through technical and critical frameworks in programming languages, software, and hardware to equip students to design objects, software, and spaces. The critical evaluation of the biases and values embedded within specific software and languages will also be core areas of investigation within the coursework. Graduates of the program will be versed in contemporary software, programming, robotics, and digital fabrication.

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