LASD 2030 Competition

Woodbury School of Architecture

Call for ideas: All Woodbury School of Architecture students are invited to submit a 60- to 90-second video highlighting a project that addresses climate change and environmental justice. This scholarship is available only to Woodbury School of Architecture students.



2020-21 Climate Justice Scholarships

“If we are going to be part of the solution, then we have to engage the problems.”


Woodbury School of Architecture has been awarded a $10,000 grant from HMC Architects Designing Futures Foundation (DFF)  to support the Year of Climate Justice. The Climate Justice Scholarship is open to all Woodbury School of Architecture Burbank and San Diego graduate and undergraduate students, in Architecture, Interior Design, or Applied Computer Science-Media Arts programs.

First Prize: $3,000
Second Prize: $2,000
Third Prize: $1,000 x 2
People’s Choice: $1,000
Honorable mentions: $500 x 4


Submission Format & Criteria

Submission Format

Each 60- to 90-second video should include a short narrative of at least 100 words. The narratives can be fictional or non-fictional, and should incorporate a vision for the future of Southern California residents. Proposals can include studio design projects, drawings, photographs, technical proposals, narratives or a combination of these and other media. Submissions should be in MP4 or MOV video formats, and should not exceed 2 gigabytes in size.

Criteria for Selection                                                                                        

Creativity of idea
How well it addresses climate change
How well it addresses social justice
Clarity of communication (visual, written and/or spoken)
Visual impact
Quality of presentation


December 14, 2020: Competition call
February 22, 2021: Submittal deadline (Note: deadline extension)
March 15, 2021: Jury selection
April, 2021: Award announcement


Germane Barnes (MArch ’12)

Assistant Professor at University of Miami & Principal at Studio Barnes Design Firm

Biayna Bogosian (BArch ’08)

Assistant Professor at Florida International University & Immersive Media Designer Working with Environmental Data

Eric Carbonnier (BArch ’95)

VP of Sustainability, HMC Architects & Board Member, HMC Designing Futures Foundation & Lecturer, Cal Poly Pomona 

Rene Peralta

Teaching Fellow at Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture, University of Oklahoma

Jennifer Peterson, PhD

Professor and Chair, Department of Communication at Woodbury University


Sustainable Development

The LASD 2030 Student Competition is inspired by the The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. The agenda was created by the United Nations and the Department of Economic and Social Affairs as a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.





We are grateful to our sponsor, HMC Architects, for supporting our students.

Submission Q&A

Please send questions to [email protected],

A: LASD stands for Los Angeles & San Diego.

A: Our recommendation is to revise the video to meet the format. Points may be taken off for submissions that do not follow the guidelines.

A: Yes. The project is still eligible for submission, however, the jury may give preference to projects that specifically address Los Angeles and San Diego conditions.

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