Bridge Program

For applicants with a GPA between 2.25 and 2.49

The Bridge Program is an important part of Woodbury University’s commitment to students who we believe have the potential to succeed but might not have otherwise have access to higher education.


The Bridge Program at Woodbury

Applicants with a non-weighted cumulative GPA between 2.25 and 2.49 will be considered for admission into our Bridge Program. In order to support academic success, Bridge Program students are required to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Successful completion of a four-week summer Bridge course
  • Meeting with Learning Specialist, Academic Affairs, twice per semester for the first two semesters.
  • Assignment of an Academic Peer Mentor
  • Participation in peer tutoring services via the Writing Center and the use of the ePortfolio system to create a self-reflective journal documenting their first year experience.
  • Meet with Library Liaison
  • Enroll in PPDV 100 or 200, Transition to College course

Woodbury University is committed to making students’ college experience a positive one by providing additional support with academic achievement and graduation as the goal.