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Woodbury University has temporarily moved online in response to the Corona Virus. All of our courses and presentations are done online and we are fortunately able to continue all our classes. While we look forward to resuming our in-person classroom discussions, this is a great opportunity for you to see, what we are doing here and what to look forward to, once you join us at Woodbury. You can sit in on some live online classes, watch the instructor give a lecture or you can watch student presentations and the responses they get from instructors. Just click on the links below.

Spring 2020 Live Streams & Events


Summer Studio Finals

The Interior Design students have been working on the design of a high end dining experience in an existing, historic building. They developed everything from table setting and brand to furniture, space, and finishes. Join us for their final presentation in front of an online panel of professionals on Tuesday 7/21/2020 from 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm PST.

Join YouTube live

Senior Project Finals

Join us for the final presentations of our undergraduate and graduate students. You can watch our graduating students articulate, propose, and defend their ideas and positions on interior architecture as well as engage with professionals as peers and colleagues.

Sunday 5/3/2020

Session 1: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm     Link to YouTube live

Session 2: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm       Link to YouTube live

Design Studio 4 Midterm

This is an excerpt of the midterm presentations of our 2nd year students from March 31st. The students have been working with Professor Thomas Valle Stallman on a project for a Spa in Los Angeles. Before starting the final push on the project, they were doing online presentations to a group of critics, including Chair Christoph Korner, Thomas Troy, who was a Day Spa owner and now is a Designer/Developer, and their instructor. The three were giving them feedback and guidance, so they can improve and finish their projects.

Watch the Studio Midterm

Interior Design Theory

Join Professor Christoph Korner’s Design Theory class. He will be talking about a project for the German Pavilion at the Architecture Biennale in Venice Italy. He will talk about the curation and the exhibition design and how new technologies were used in the development of the project. The class is on Monday, April 13th at 1:15 pm. We have post a recording of the class here in case you didn’t have time to come by.

YouTube live Recording

Tectonics 2

In this class students explore materials, their histories, behaviors, and performative properties, as well as how they are assembled through experimentation and making. You can listen to Professor Heather Peterson lecture about the languages of matter, material, and detail.

Youtube Live Recording


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