School of Architecture Faculty & Staff

Our award-winning faculty and staff are active professionals and dedicated educators.

Small class sizes result in frequent one-on-one interactions. In these moments, as well as through lectures and studio reviews, faculty and staff share their experience and insights and help guide students to realize their potential. Collaborations are common, and it’s not unusual for students, faculty and staff to continue working together after graduation.

Faculty & Staff Contacts

Our faculty are architects, designers, academics and policy makers practicing in Los Angeles, San Diego and Tijuana. This internationally recognized and award-winning group works closely with students, teaching the skills required to push the limits of practice and explore disciplinary possibilities in both theoretical and professional arenas.


Matthew Corbitt 818-252-5315 DFL Manager
Galina Kraus 818-252-5121 Administrative Coordinator
Catherine Roussel 818-252-5339 Director of Outreach
Marina Zakarian 818-252-5121 Administrative Assistant
Eric Baldwin 818-252-5380 Director of Communications
Janet Asuncion 619-235-2900×414 Admissions
Sandy Burlem 619-235-2900×410 Administrative Assistant
Ryan Goodwin 619-235-2900 Shop Manager
Susan McFetridge 619-235-2900×411 Asst. to Chair
Andrew Wagner 619-235-2900 DFL Manager


Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter 818-252-5185 Dean
Jose Parral 619-235-2900 x.419 MLA Program Administrator
Ewan Branda 818-392-3382 Associate Dean
Catherine Herbst 619-235-2900 x.412 Chair, SD Architecture
Christoph Korner 818-394-3325 Chair, Interior Architecture
Heather Flood 818-394-3303 Chair, LA
Ryan Martinez 818-252-5180 Assistant Chair, LA