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Hello Campus Community,

As many in our community are aware, there have been several confirmed cases of monkeypox that have emerged in the United States, including in LA and SD county. Monkeypox is a contagious disease caused by the monkeypox virus. To date, the university has no reported cases.

Monkeypox is not nearly as transmissible as COVID-19 and most cases are mild, but the virus can cause severe disease. Exposure can occur through respiratory secretions; however, most reported cases have been linked to direct skin-to-skin contact with monkeypox lesions (rash, scabs) and bodily fluids of someone infected with the virus. Note that monkeypox is NOT spread through casual conversations or by walking by someone who has it. Persons severely immunocompromised who suspect they have monkeypox are encouraged to seek medical care and treatment early and remain under the care of a provider during their illness.

Vaccine availability is limited, Anyone seeking a vaccine should consult their local public health agency.

These developments serve as a reminder that individuals should take steps to protect themselves and one another. We will continue monitoring conditions and public health protocols and will update our community.  Stay healthy and safe!

For more information about monkeypox, vaccination eligibility, and availability, please visit the following links:


What You Need to Know About Monkeypox

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Resources for Burbank Campus | L.A. County

Monkeypox Testing sites  Monkeypox Vaccination sites  cases in L.A. county


 Resources for San Diego Campus | S.D. County

Monkeypox Testing sites  Monkeypox Vaccination sites  cases in S.D. county


Last Updated on September 22, 2022. 

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