Making Complex FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about the Making Complex through a list of questions and answers relating to the facilities and more.

Laser Cutting

Unfortunately no, the operation hours are not flexible.

Occasionally someone won’t need their whole appointments however, our safety protocol limits facility access only to those who have an appointment.

We are not able offer any extra accommodations so you do what you can to make another appointment.

3D Printing

Staff will not accept file submissions without following the file submission process.

Staff is not able to fix files for submission. They will tell you what needs to be fixed and then you will have to make a new appointment.

Staff will not be able to give you a completion day/time. They can show you the print queue and that may give you some ideas as to when it will be run.

If the problems is due to geometry then you will still be charged. You will then have to submit a new file with a new appointment. If the problem is due to the machine, then your file will be run again AFTER the next file in the queue is complete.

Unfortunately no, the operation hours are not flexible. You will have to wait until the facility is open.

CNC Routing

It is possible for CNC machines to run into code errors and stop. If the machine stops but continues to spin the bit, it is possible for a fire to start. You must stay present so that you can inform a staff member of the issue.

Staff can explain what the issue may be. If the problem was due to machine errors, then they will make you another appointment.

You are allowed to leave for a short break or bathroom run, just inform a staff and they will temporarily watch it for you.

Vacuum Forming

Commonly, students will use ABS, Styrene or PET-g. Styrene is the cheapest and quite easy to deal with.

The maximum size of the mold is dependent on geometry. Generally, the largest dimensions should be 10″deep x 18″wide x 6″tall.

Material is not reusable. It is almost guaranteed that you will need to bring extra material with you.

Ceramic Lab

Unless the kiln is already running, Staff will certainly run it for you.

Only clay or porcelain bodies are allowed in the kiln.

The Clay Printer is taught in conjunction with the Ceramic Object Making Studio.

No student material is allowed to be stored in the Making Complex.

Tool Loaning

Almost any tool can be borrowed from the Making Complex by informing the student staff of what is needed. The staff member will then take your driver’s license OR government issued ID and will keep it until the tools are returned.

Knitting, Robotics & Dye Lab

Access to the knitting machine is currently only to be allowed through machine-focused design studios.

Access to the Robotics Lab is currently allowed through machine-focused design studios.

Access to the Dye Lab is currently only to be allowed through machine-focused design studios.

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