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William Novak

Chair, Game Art & Design

William Novak, known professionally as just “Novak”, has been making video games since 1982.  After starting as an assembly language programmer developing early arcade games for SEGA’s Coin-Operated Division, he rose to prominence at Mattel Toys for his work on the “Captain Power” interactive TV series, and as game designer of the 8-bit Nintendo smash hit “Super Glove Ball” for the infamous Power Glove.  Novak went on to start an independent game development company where he created branded properties and original IP’s for Sony, Electronic Arts, Sega, Nintendo, Microsoft, Fox Interactive, Activision, and Virgin Interactive.  Before his life as a video game designer, Novak earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in electronic music composition, working as student assistant to pioneers such as John Cage, Robert Moog, David Tutor and Philip Glass. He then founded the seminal indie record label “Dumb Records” during the San Francisco punk rock explosion of the late 1970’s.

Having worked in the game industry for over 30 years, Novak brought his considerable expertise to the creation of the Game Art & Design program.  His mission at Woodbury is to develop the dreams of students who aspire to work in today’s rapidly evolving and increasingly exciting video game industry, and those dreams are now becoming a reality.


B.A., Electronic Music Composition, SUNY Albany, New York
M.F.A., Electronic Music Composition, Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College, Oakland California

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