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Olga Legg

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Olga Legg was born and raised in Russia. She came to the USA in 2003. She taught in Saint-Petersburg, Russia at Herzen Saint-Petersburg University and Tampa, Florida.  Dr. Legg has been teaching at Woodbury University since 2008. Her teaching interests cover the “Intermediality” in a literary discourse, a specific notion created to designate different types of relationships between textual unity and existing art such as Architecture, Painting, Theatre, Film, etc.  Her previous research interests have focused on Theatricality as a type of creative world – modeling in English Literature (XIX-XX centuries) based on Intermidial analyses, Semiotics and Dialogism.   Dr. Legg was published in the “Interaction of Literature and Art in Culture and Art of XX century: methodology of interdisciplinary researches.  Her other articles have been published in the Journal of The Cultural Space of Play/The materials of scientific forum; Foreign Literature Journals; the International Research Almanac, and discussed in many local and International conferences. Current research is focusing upon the semiotic approach to understand “madness” as a creative force based on a research of sociological and cultural dissonances bordering trans-disciplinary studies of psychoanalysis, analytical philosophy, theoretical poetics, and Dialogism.


PhD in English Literature and Interdisciplinary Studies in 2004.

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